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"cos of Allah we still alive in this world."




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Sunday, November 23, 2014 • 7:31 AM • 0 comments


hehehe. so sorry dah berapa bulan baru nak update pasal benda ni. actually just want to wish both of you happy and hope this love until jannah and really hope get child soon.

Dear mak iti,

thanks a lot for giving your love and care for me and my siblings from we baby until we became 
bigger and i become teenager . hehehe even i feel like a child sometime. appreciate a lot what you give to us. every hari raya you give us duit raya hmm maybe next year we will get a lot duit raya from both of you . hehehe . do you remember that there are one day that we hang out together at taiping?
do you want to know something?
 i cried when you get married because i know we will rarely meet
and also
i cried because i saw tok su cried too
hehehehe :')
 my siblings didn't know what to call our new uncle
please suggest any name :)
p/s: don't tell anyone about this blog

p/s: sorry kalau english broken btw practise make perfect


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